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Date: August 28, 2008
Publisher: The Santa Fe New Mexican
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Carbon price pulls through anti-climate change furore

It is the same suite of interests that have undermined action on climate change for years - they moved on from cigarettes and tobacco to climate change. Essentially this year's campaign had two aims. The first was to claim the tax would be a jobs

Editorial Roundup: Excerpts From Recent Editorials

That rule works for a pack of cigarettes. But not for a smartphone. Prompt, warrantless searches do have a proper place in the law. Police need them to make sure detainees aren't carrying weapons or destroying evidence.

Star Magazine | A new book, 'The Kings of Cut-Rate,' details the history of ...

The US had entered World War I, and the government had just instituted a one-cent wartime tax on cigarettes. Michael and his brother Isaac operated two downtown Kansas City stores. The city directory listed them under the title “confectionery.

Parliament raises excise taxes on fuel, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling to help ...

The tax base for beer, however, will not change, and pure grape wine and champagne will remain excise-free. The tax on cigarettes will be raised in three steps: on November 1, it will be raised to 10550 forints per 1000 cigarettes, on May 1,

Are airport duty-free stores still a bargain?


Today, people entering the stores to buy goods that are not taxed would be wise to become familiar with prices in other retail stores.

"Duty-free is almost never a matter for the occasional buyer out to get a good deal," said Jason Clampett, an editor for the travel guide publisher "You can save large sums of money if you are a smoker who lives in a state with high taxes, but you will see that electronic products, cosmetics and luxury items such as designer handbags usually cost less at home or online.


Buying Cigarettes Online | TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD

by agus

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When you buy cigarettes online , there is no question of the stock is limited, the unavailability of the brand, high prices and taxes. Buying cigarettes online will gives you the opportunity to enjoy great discounts, because they tax and tax-free. All you have to do to your favorite brand of cigarettes is to log on the online site. Most sites require their visitors to register on their website, which is generally free of cost. When you register, you’ll need some of your personal information, such as name, address, e-ID, and your phone number to assist in the delivery of products. You do not have to worry when you provide personal information, because the online retailers give much value to their customers. Your information will not be given to anyone


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